420 Science

420 Science

Why We Love 420 Science

The Kings of Storage – Keep your Stash Safe and Secure

Looking Good - Funky Product Artwork Exclusively Designed by Illustrator ‘Killer Acid’

Budget Busters – Super Affordable Products, Almost All Under £30

How Long?! – All 420 Glass Jars Come with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Legalize It! - Proud Advocates for the Legalization of Cannabis

Demolish that Dirt - Keep your Kit Clean with Popular 420 Maintenance Products

Screw, Twist or Pop – Explore 420’s Huge Variety of Storage Jar Styles

Only the Best – Official Past Collaborations with High Times

The 420 Science Story

420 Science began in 2004 in Phoenix, Arizona, when Gary, a graphic designer, had an idea to embellish stash jars for a friend's headshop. Despite his friend declining the notion, Gary's room-mate Matt helped develop it into a fully-fledged business idea. Cannabis enthusiasts themselves, they identified the need for stylish stash jars that actually kept their buds fresh!

The 420 Jars business grew, going from strength to strength, so much so that since 2006 they have collaborated with High Times to design and produce the official Cannabis Cup stash jars. This is an example of the community spirit within the world of cannabis as is its relocation to Austin, Texas to collaborate with Grav Labs in searching for new solutions in their sector.

As a company 420 Science also supports the cannabis advocacy of The Marijuana Policy Project, aimed at securing full legalisation of cannabis, convinced that this plant and its many by-products should be legal for all adults.

420 Jars have many useful qualities; they keep your valuable bud fresh, are available in many different sizes, feature a wide range of attractive designs which are kiln-baked for permanency and there's even a range of UV glass for the ultimate in cannabis preservation.

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