Why We Love Arizer

Looking Pro On-the-Go – Creators of Technologically Innovative, Discreet Portable Vapes

Heatin’ Up! – Precision Temperature Control Allows for Complete Customization

Herb Heaven – Design Specifically for the Ultimate Dry Herb Vaporization

Peace of Mind – All Arizer Vaporizers Have a 2 Year Limited Warranty!

Help to Heal – Replacement Parts Available to Ensure Vaporizers Remain in Perfect Health

Life Saver! – All Vaporizers Have Automatic Power Off Function – Saving Battery Life

Nothin’ to See – Discreet Vaporizers Perfect for Parties, Festivals or Public Spaces

What’s in the Box?! – All Vaporizers Come with Comprehensive Accessory Packs

The Arizer Story

Arizer is a Canadian company involved in the design, production and marketing of vaporizers. Each Arizer vaporizer is manufactured within Canada using high-grade materials and features ceramic heating elements and glass aroma dishes that are easy to clean. Neither glass nor ceramic material imparts any flavour of its own to the vapour leaving it completely taint-free and allowing the full taste of your vaping blend to shine through.

Ease of use and durability are qualities inherent to each Arizer desktop and portable model together with rigorous manufacturing and quality control standards that are second to none. Having produced several desktop vaporizers Arizer's attention has recently turned to the portable vaporizer market and it has had great success taking the North American market by storm, helped no doubt by the wave of legalisation initiatives in recent years.

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