Why We Love Incredibowl

“And the Winner Is…” – Winners of More Than Two Dozen International Awards

Unbreakable – Bowls and Pipes Feature Indestructible Materials for Durability

Portable Perfection – Incredibowls are Light, Compact and Perfect for Travel

Nothin’ to See – Discreet Products Perfect for Parties, Festivals or Public Spaces

Rainbow Selection – Select from a Comprehensive Variety of Coloured Pipes

Budget Busters – Steamroller Pipes Available for Under €60

Piece of Cake – Easy to Use Design Suitable for Beginners

The Full Package – A Huge Range of Incredibowl Accessories and Adaptors Available

The Incredibowl Story

Incredibowl Industries was founded in the spring of 2009 in Boulder, Colorado. The founders' aim, to make the best possible smoking devices for their passion - cannabis. Using a combination of craftsmanship, advanced engineering and computer-aided design and CNC manufacturing techniques using computer-controlled engineering tools they have produced a range of steamrollers and accessories that is second to none.

In the space of just seven years the Incredibowl i420 and the pocket m420, plus accessories, have become some of the best-selling smoking devices the world over. The physics-inspired design has revolutionised the art of smoking cannabis. To underline this Incredibowl has also received more than two dozen international awards for design and engineering.

Incredibowl steamroller expansion chambers are manufactured from tough, heat-resistant polycarbonate which are shatter-proof and come with a lifetime warranty. The bowls are made of borosilicate glass known for its strength and resilience. Both the i420 and the m420 are customisable and expandable with a range of accessories which includes bigger expansion chambers, Redibowl adapter, trigger release systems and a full range of spare parts.

All Incredibowl steamrollers are assembled by hand in Boulder, Colorado.

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