Why We Love Iolite

Game Changers - Inventors of the First Ever Butane Powered Vaporizer

Budget Busters – High-Quality Vaporizers for Under €100

The Full Package – A Huge Range of Iolite Vaporizer Accessories Available

Nothin’ to See – Discreet Vaporizers Perfect for Parties, Festivals or Public Spaces

What’s in the Box?! – All Iolite Vaporizers Come with Comprehensive Accessory Packs

Rainbow Selection – Select from a Comprehensive Variety of Vaporizer Colours

Peace of Mind – All Iolite Vaporizers Have a 2 Year Limited Warranty!

Stand By Me – Unique Design Allows Vaporizer to Safely Stand on Any Surface

The Iolite Story

Iolite is a registered brand name of Irish company Oglesby & Butler, founded in 1984 to develop, manufacture and market the Portasol® range of butane-powered tools. In 2008 the company moved into the portable vaporizer marked with the world's first butane-powered personal vaporizer which was followed by a second model, the WISPR, and more recently a battery-powered model, the WISPR-E.

99% of the vaporizer range is designed and manufactured in Ireland by a skilled and dedicated team.

The WISPR range is made using proven materials; a tough Ultem plastic case, stainless steel interior with a silicone mouthpiece. The butane-powered WISPR 2 is filled with fuel in just 30 seconds and represents the perfect solution for those off-grid or who want to vape wherever they may be - all that's needed is a Wispr, herbs and a can of butane lighter fuel!

Both the WISPR and WISPR-E come with 2 year limited warranties.

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