Why We Love Joyetech

Budget Busters – Creators of the Most Affordable Vaporizer on our Website

Nothin’ to See – Discreet Vape Pen Perfect for Parties, Festivals or Public Spaces

What’s in the Box?! – Joyetech Vaporizer Comes with Comprehensive Accessory Pack

Peace of Mind – Joyetech Vaporizers Have a 90 Day Warranty

Piece of Cake – Easy to Use Vaporizer Ideal for Beginners

Safe and Secure – Leak Resistant Tank Design Ensures no E-Liquid Spillage

Go For Hours – Generous Battery Life For All-Day Vaping

Sexy and Sleek – Lightweight, Thin Vaporizer for Complete Ease of Portability

The Joyetech Story

Joyetech is a Chinese company founded in 2007. It is one of the world's biggest vaporizer/e-cigarette manufacturers and has several factories in S.W. China. Reliant on a highly-skilled team of designers, engineers and managers it invests a huge amount of resources into its programme of continual development.

Since early 2016 Joyetech has made partnerships with research and certification organisations both in Europe and the US. Regulatory compliance has assumed an important role within the company which has gained the very first certification for e-cigarettes from UL, the leading North American product safety and certification organisation, underlining Joyetech's quest to be the market leader in compliance.

The eGo AIO is an ideal beginner's pen vape with its leak-proof tank, a wide range of atomizer heads to suit various individual preferences and generous battery capacity all contributing to this device's ease of use and is also suitable for CBD cartridges. Cartridge capacity is 2ml.

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