Why We Love RAW

Charitable Champions – The RAW Foundation Supports Charities Across the World

Back to Nature – The First Company to Produce Totally Natural, Unrefined Rolling Papers

Paper For All – An Unrivalled and Varied Selection of Rolling Papers for All Smokers

Tray-mendous – Practical and Affordable Rolling Trays Featuring Exclusive Artwork

Piece of Cake – Range of Pre-Rolled Cones Available for Ease and Convenience

Only the Best – Official Collaborations with High Times and Wiz Khalifa

Budget Busters – Affordable and High-Quality Papers Starting at Just €4

Protect our Planet – Papers Made of Plants and Plant Starch Only

The RAW Story

The idea for RAW rolling papers came to its founder, Josh Kesselman, in 1993 when he smoked his first natural, additive-free cigarette. What struck him was that despite the tobacco being processed entirely without additives this was not the case for the paper it was wrapped in. He then set his mind to changing this state of affairs.

In the quest for rolling paper which burned evenly, imparted no taste of its own and which was totally consistent, he embarked on a lengthy period of research and development, eventually blending plant fibres to produce translucent, honey-coloured sheets of paper characterised by its honeycomb pattern which results in an even burn. All RAW rolling papers are unbleached and use no animal or chemical glues, calcium carbonate or dyes. The vast range now includes natural hemp rolling papers too.

The success of the company has allowed it to support humanitarian causes worldwide with relief efforts via the RAW Foundation in countries such as Ethiopia, Peru and Indonesia.

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