Why We Love Tightpac

How Much?! – The Most Affordable Herb Storage Solution in the World!

No Worries – Tightpac Storage is Portable and Completely Smell Proof

Can’t Get In! – Air Tight, Waterproof Storage That Even Floats!

Do It Your Way – Store Loose Herb, Joints, Rolling Accessories and More.

Nothin’ to See – Discreet Storage Perfect for Parties, Festivals or Public Spaces

Top of the Game – Tightpac Have Sold Over 10 Million Units Worldwide

Certified Fresh – Products Certified by Third-Party, NSF International

Unbreakable – High-Impact Plastic to Ensure Safety and Security

The Tightpac Story

Tightpac America Inc. is the designer and producer of the biggest range of plastic vacuum-sealed containers worldwide. Since 2005 it has designed and patented 2 vacuum-sealed systems and, furthermore, it produces all of its own products. With no advertising whatsoever Tightpac has sold in excess of 10 million units!

As a company Tightpac America Inc. holds high ideals concerning its place in the world and its relationships with both its own staff and also other companies with which it deals. It also invests in product certification from NSF International which provides third-party certification that is globally recognised.

Tightpac products can be used for many storage solutions and provide an ideal stash for herbal blends. The containers stocked by Seedsman Vapes are made from high impact plastic, are easily concealed, float in water and are both airtight and smell-proof - all essential properties to protect your valuable stash.

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